• Dilli

I like a seat up near the front

I like a seat up near the front so I can catch the sunset and watch the city as we glide in.

You say the best seat is over the wing: beauty lies in mechanics, in gravity, machines, and science, in watching how air is spoiled - you explained it all to me once.

I rest my head on you

and feel your warmth

as I watch the clouds glow gold.

Fingers interlaced,

we become a sort of yin and yang. You’re hazel and I’m grey-blue.

You’re clipped and I’m chewed. You’re the calm and I’m the storm. Maybe.

But as I look again towards the sun

and think of Mars riding his chariot through the sky,

I know that you're no more him

than I am Venus.

We’re not chalk and cheese; we’re both our own hue.

Whether violet or red:

we're on the same spectrum.

So why does it matter

that we like different seats? Because the best one is always next to you.

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