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Oh Freud,

you think we argue

because of an Electra complex,

because I think you castrated me.

Oh Freud, you say

we're destined to be catastrophic.

You've become sort of trophic

- singing the same tune

over and over.

Isn’t that fucking tragic?

Oh Freud,

Sometimes I wish you weren't

the little voice in my head

that doubts me

as I burrow down the rabbit hole.

Oh Freud,

Sometimes I think it's just me

but I only have to call you up

to get a fresh live performance.

I'm sorry you think that

Being proud of myself and who I am

is indulging my superego.

Oh Freud,

you've treated me for 23 years,

taught me to self-diagnose:

I've had an oral fascination,

relived childhood trauma,

sought out my father

in the faces of teenage boys.

Can you bloody hear yourself?

You've misinterpreted my dreams,

said my sexuality doesn't exist,

until I can no longer separate

unconscious from conscious.

Oh Freud,

I can't even say you've made me worse.

I can't even say that,

because before I was me,

I was you.

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